Open Ceiling Cleaning

An open ceiling structure presents problems for the customer that are different from the enclosed acoustic ceiling.  Pollutants such as dust, HVAC residue and carbon buildup from the outside build up on the truss system, ductwork, piping, conduit, lighting and other attached fixtures.  Over time, this not only becomes unsightly but it also becomes a nuisance and unsanitary as debris falls onto the sales floor and product.

The solution, commonly referred to as high dusting is actually a misnomer.  We don't perform dusting as it spreads dust throughout your facility.  Instead, we use high powered HEPA-filtered vacuums to safely and efficiently remove all contaminants from your ceiling.  Not only do we clean your open ceiling, we also clean (vacuum) the top section of your walls, and any other structure you may have that is considered a high reach.  In most cases, our process will save you from the high cost of repainting.

Our customers include warehouses, industrial food processers, retail stores, airports, grocery stores, restaurants, fitness clubs, and more.


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