Commercial Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Do you find there "just isn't enough time to keep our cooking equipment clean?"

Commercial appliances and kitchen equipment are among the hardest things to maintain in a clean state. They take a lot of abuse and require daily cleaning.

Over time, commercial kitchens tend to deteriorate and keeping your operation in shape can require a major restoration/cleaning.

Both internal and external inspections focus on the cleanliness of cooking equipment. As you've found through experience, it takes hours of labor to bring that equipment back to "inspection ready."

When you can't get your kitchen into an acceptable state on your own, that's where we come in! Envirocleaning Services, LLC will bring your equipment back to "inspection ready." We will customize your cleaning to include internal cleaning as well as outside cleaning.


The Results

A call to us will save you labor, reduce your stress, and restore your equipment to "inspection ready." It's worth the call. Contact us today!

Our Process

We use electric drills, steel brushes, steam vapor cleaning, steel scrubbers, and old fashioned elbow grease to bring that shiny stainless back and get rid of the encrusted grease and burnt-out look

Equipment and products

spray station


SPRAY STATION 10 PROFESSIONAL. The most advanced spraying system available today.

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Our Exclusive PERFECT MIX™ Super Cleaner Concentrate Cleaners are NON-TOXIC, BIODEGRADABLE, ODORLESS AND PHOSPHATE-FREE, GREEN Cleaning product.

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