Enviro Cleaning Services

Thank you for visiting our website at Enviro Cleaning Services. We are the premiere ceiling cleaning service provider in Southwestern Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio.

Our goal is for Enviro Cleaning Services, LLC to be the most respected company in the cleaning industry, continuously exceeding customer expectations as a provider of services that restore healthier and more positive working and living environments.

Areas of Service

Our service area includes Western, PA, Eastern, OH and the surrounding area.

Commercial Ceiling Cleaning

Enviro Cleaning Services is the premier ceiling cleaning service in Southwestern Pennsylvania and Northeastern Ohio. Nicotine or dirty ceiling tile can be easily cleaned in most instances.  Aged ceiling tiles may need more than a cleaning.  In these cases, we can restore your ceiling to a new condition.

At Enviro Cleaning Services, we continuously exceed your expectations, restoring both working and living environments to a healthier and more positive condition. We even clean walls!

It is our mission to bring tremendous value to our customers by using only the best, top-quality cleaning services and products.

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Do you find there "just isn't enough time to keep our cooking equipment clean?"

Commercial appliances and kitchen equipment are among the hardest things to maintain in a clean state. They take a lot of abuse and require daily cleaning.

Over time, commercial kitchens tend to deteriorate and keeping your operation in shape can require a major restoration/cleaning.

Both internal and external inspections focus on the cleanliness of cooking equipment. As you've found through experience, it takes hours of labor to bring that equipment back to "inspection ready."

When you can't get your kitchen into an acceptable state on your own, that's where we come in! Enviro Facility Services, LLC will bring your equipment back to "inspection ready." We will customize your cleaning to include internal cleaning as well as outside cleaning.

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Open Ceiling Cleaning

An open ceiling structure presents problems for the customer that are different from the enclosed acoustic ceiling.  Pollutants such as dust, HVAC residue and carbon buildup from the outside build up on the truss system, ductwork, piping, conduit, lighting and other attached fixtures.  Over time, this not only becomes unsightly but it also becomes a nuisance and unsanitary as debris falls onto the sales floor and product.

The solution, commonly referred to as high dusting is actually a misnomer.  We don't perform dusting as it spreads dust throughout your facility.  Instead, we use high powered HEPA-filtered vacuums to safely and efficiently remove all contaminants from your ceiling.  Not only do we clean your open ceiling, we also clean (vacuum) the top section of your walls, and any other structure you may have that is considered a high reach.  In most cases, our process will save you from the high cost of repainting.

Our customers include warehouses, industrial food processers, retail stores, airports, grocery stores, restaurants, fitness clubs, and more.

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Restroom Deep Cleaning

We have the ultimate restroom deep cleaning service.

Our service thoroughly cleans, deodorizes and disinfects every surface in your restroom.

Our Process

With the use of our Kaivac No-Touch cleaning system, your surfaces are blasted with a high-pressure

germicidal cleaning solution.

We clean and disinfect your tile and grout, flooring, floor drains, stalls, urinals, toilets, sinks, walls and ceiling vents.  All soils, bacteria and other contaminants are vacuumed away, all surfaces are thoroughly dried leaving the restroom sparkling and ready for immediate use.

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Kitchen Tile and Grout Cleaning

Our tile and grout cleaning system will bring your floors back to life using our high pressure and extraction cleaning system. Commercial kitchen flooring takes a lot of wear and tear. Our cleaning system will turn your surface back to a like new appearance. We clean all types of flooring including quarry, terrazzo, epoxy, ceramic, natural stone and vct. We work after hours to minimize business interruption.

Our system extends the life of your floor. Over time, contaminants penetrate into your floor, breaks down the surface and grout. Our high pressure and extraction cleaning system will lift these contaminants and debris, leaving your floor clean and dry.

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Are you scheduled for a commercial kitchen inspection?

Unsure about the best way to get your kitchen up to standards and beyond.? We can help you with our ceiling/wall cleaning and stainless steel equipment cleaning service.

Unsure of what to do with that nicotine stained or aged acoustic ceiling?   Before deciding to replace it, call us to get a free professional evaluation of your ceiling.  We will give you the most cost effective alternative.