Commercial Ceiling Cleaning

Enviro Cleaning Services is the premier ceiling cleaning service in Southwestern Pennsylvania and Northeastern Ohio. Nicotine or dirty ceiling tile can be easily cleaned in most instances.

At Enviro Cleaning Services, we continuously exceed your expectations, restoring both working and living environments to a healthier and more positive condition. We even clean walls!

It is our mission to bring tremendous value to our customers by using only the best, top-quality cleaning services and products.

Benefits of Cleaning a Ceiling

  • More cost effective than replacement
  • Prevent buildup of unsanitary pollutants that cause sick building syndrome
  • Regain acoustic and fire rating
  • Regain light reflection value
  • Positively enhance your working and living environment

The plain fact is, in time ceilings and walls become discolored and end up leaving customers and employees alike with a poor impression of your business. From UV rays and water leaks to grease stains and nicotine, removal of discolorations can be done quickly and cost-effectively. At Enviro Facility Services, we make commercial ceiling cleaning a far more practical and cost-effective solution than ceiling replacement.

Ceilings are a trap for carbon monoxide, oils, grease, smoke, nicotine and carbon. They provide a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. These factors along with other unsanitary pollutants bond to amino and fatty acids to create the sick building syndrome.

Enviro Cleaning Services'  cleaning system breaks down and dissolves these substances, returning your ceiling surface to a like-new condition. In addition to the ceiling tiles being deodorized and sanitized, they regain their acoustic, fire rating, and light reflection values. Your working and living environment is positively enhanced.

The Process

Using our 100 psi professional spray system, we apply a cleaning solution to your tiles while they are in place. The Cleaning solution acts to break down dirt molecules on contact.

Once applied, the solution works by emulsifying various contaminates on the surface and inside the pores of the ceiling. On porous ceiling tile, the contaminates are broken down and dissolved. On non-porous surfaces like walls and vinyl tile, the dirt is also broken down and easily wiped off using extension poles with attachments. This process is great for:

  • Cleaning traditional drop ceiling tiles and acoustical ceilings.
  • Suspended ceilings and popcorn ceilings.
  • Tectum tile, glacier tile, and vinyl tile.
  • Wall surfaces, including drywall, plaster, wallpaper, and brick.
  • Fire and smoke damaged ceiling tiles.
  • Cleaning most painted surfaces.
  • Surfaces requiring grease stain removal and wall cleaning.

Most commercial ceiling cleaners use a spray system of 65 psi or lower. At Enviro Cleaning Services, our spray system operates at a minimum of 100 psi, which means the cleaning chemical penetrates the tile and cleans more effectively. In addition, jobs can be done more quickly and efficiently.

Depending on the surface to be cleaned, a crew of 2 to 5 is all that is needed. Our team arrives at the agreed upon time, usually during your non-business hours. Exposed surfaces and work areas are carefully covered with plastic, so that the cleaning solution is applied only where intended.

The peroxide based cleaner is applied with spray wands and removed with sponges and towels on extension poles. The entire process is usually completed in a few hours. In general, Enviro Facility Services can clean 500 square feet of ceiling in one hour. Our process is non-toxic and OSHA and USDA approved

Cost Comparisons

This table compares the advantages of cleaning your ceiling instead of painting your ceiling.

Issues to Consider Painting Cleaning
Properties Acoustic and fire ratings lost Acoustic and Fire ratings restored
Odor Lingering paint odor Tiles deodorized
Tile sticks to grid and other fixtures. Stains bleed through. Grid work, light lenses, air vents, intakes etc... cleaned
of Tile
Loss of life span. Tile is sealed and dry rots from the inside out. Stains bleed through Increased life span. Tile restored to almost new
Business Interruption Most painters don't work at night Cleaning can be done at night and will take only hours

This table compares the advantages of cleaning your ceiling instead of replacing your ceiling.

Issues to Consider Replacing Cleaning
Still need cleaned, painted or replaced All attached fixtures are cleaned
Clean Up
Messy, a lot of dust and debris above old ceiling No mess solution is biodegradable non toxic, non flammable and meets OSHA and USDA standards
Business interruption The average job will take 3-4 days to complete The average job will take 3-4 hours to complete

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Customers That Benefit

Commercial ceiling and wall cleaning is ideal for: restaurants, bars, social halls, clubs, nursing homes, hotels, hair salons, athletic clubs, universities, private clubs, grocery stores, bakeries, car dealerships, night clubs, convenience stores, and off-track gaming facilities.

If you have dirty ceiling tiles, we have the answer!

Whether your problem involves cleaning water stains from ceiling tile, grease stain removal, cleaning fire smoke damage, or simply restoring aged and discolored ceiling tiles, acoustic ceilings, suspended ceilings, or even walls, we have the solution.

At Enviro Cleaning Services, our non-toxic, guaranteed cleaning process returns your discolored ceilings or walls to a vibrant, appealing state, all at a fraction of the cost of replacement. And in cases where cleaning is inadequate, our ceiling restoration process adds even more value.

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