You Have Nothing to Lose!

Enviro Cleaning Services offers free demonstrations to commercial prospects within a 50 mile radius of Monroeville, PA.

What is a Demo? How Long Does It Take?

A free demo consists of cleaning a ceiling tile, tiles, or part of a tile to see what our process can do for your ceiling. We cover exposed areas around the test tile and use a low-pressure spray system to apply a non-toxic, USDA and OSHA approved cleaner. The demonstration takes approximately 15 minutes. The results are used to determine whether your ceiling is a candidate for cleaning or restoration.

If ceiling restoration is required, we can demo that process as well. Our free ceiling restoration demonstration takes approximately five minutes. We will provide a sample of an old tile and treat half of it in front of the customer. After the tile is coated, the customer will readily see the before and after results.

YES! I'd Like a Demo

Request a demonstration at your location.  You have nothing to lose!  It's easy - just complete the form below and we will call to schedule an exact date and time.


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Restrictions: Your demonstration location must be within 50 miles of Monroeville, PA and be a commercial, industrial, institutional, or hospitality location.  Free demonstrations are not available for residences.


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