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Ceiling Restoration

  • Discoloration caused by age and ultra-violet light
  • Stubborn areas resistant to cleaning
  • Gain acoustic and fire ratings better than new tile
  • Light reflection value better than new tile
  • Positively enhance your working and living environment

Commercial ceiling cleaning is not the answer for all ceilings. That is why Enviro Cleaning Services offers ceiling restoration for facilities where discoloration is due to age and ultra-violet light as opposed to grease, nicotine, and carbon buildup from vents. Or you may find your ceiling contains "stubborn areas" resistant to even the remarkable technology available with our cleaning solutions.

The next step is Ceiling Restoration, a remarkably time and cost effective process when compared with ceiling replacement.

Ceiling restoration employs a coating process far superior to conventional paints, restoring your tiles to a "better than new" condition.

With the Procoat® process used by Enviro Cleaning Services, light reflectance is greater than with new tile. Acoustic values and fire ratings are restored to a better than new condition.

By restoring your ceiling tiles, they maintain their natural appearance, and the finish is designed to outlive that of a brand new tile. Our coating comes in virtually any pastel shade, and black. We use only quality Procoat® products. Best of all, the cost is affordable - approximately half the cost of ceiling replacement. And ceiling restoration takes one-third the time of replacement. More information on Procoat® products can be found at

The Process of Ceiling Restoration

At Enviro Cleaning Services, our ceiling restoration process restores ceiling tile to a better than new condition. Traditional ceiling cleaning, on average, cleans your ceiling and brings it back to approximately 90% of its original state.

In some cases, cleaning may have marginal results, such as in areas that have taken excessive abuse, including carbon buildup around vents. In addition, ceiling tile in some commercial spaces, such as retail stores, hospitals, office buildings, department stores, apartment complexes, banks, and airports usually do not become extremely dirty. The problem with these ceilings is they discolor as they age due to ultraviolet rays and other environmental factors. Ceiling cleaning may provide marginal results in these situations.

Often, the problem goes ignored or is put off due to the excessive costs associated with ceiling replacement.

Why Ceiling Restoration instead of Replacement?

  • The average ceiling replacement job costs $1.50 a square foot, a price which does not include the ceiling grid work, air vents, speaker covers, etc.
  • A new ceiling with old, dingy ceiling fixtures simply doesn't look good.
  • No business interruptions with ceiling restorations. Most ceiling replacement jobs take more than one day.
  • There is the construction mess. Drop ceilings have dirt and debris that usually falls from the old ceiling to contaminate the business as the old tile is removed.

Enviro Cleaning Services's ceiling restoration process, using Procoat® products is far more business friendly.

Ceiling restoration is the process where a ceiling is coated with a substance similar to the consistency of paint. It has the properties that restore acoustic values greater than their original state. Light reflectivity and fire ratings are also increased to levels greater than an original tile. Attached fixtures can also be coated or covered - as specified by the customer.

The Procoat® coating does not stick to any attached fixtures including grid work. Once coated, you can expect your ceiling to last longer than a brand new ceiling.

You essentially get a brand new ceiling that is approximately half the cost of replacement without the hassles of replacement. The process involves encasing the entire room in plastic. Everything in the room is covered except for the surface that is to be coated. The crew will clean the ceiling as necessary.

Once cleaned, the ceiling is then restored.


Ceiling Restoration is ideal for any facility where the ceiling has discolored due to age and ultra-violet light as opposed to grease, nicotine, and carbon buildup from vents.

  • Office Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Nursing Homes
  • Retail Stores and Department Stores



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