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Ceiling and Wall Cleaning    Vapor Steam Cleaning

Ceiling and Wall Cleaning

Questions About Ceiling and Wall Cleaning

Is it a bleach process?
No. The ceiling cleanerw we use are peroxide based enzyme cleaners that break down the dirt molecule on contact.

Is there a mess to clean up afterwards?
We use a low pressure 100psi spray. The chemical is biodegradable and it will break down in minutes. Tables, chairs, shelves, equipment etc.. are covered in plastic before the chemical is applied.

Does the chemical damage carpets, drapes etc?

How long does the process take?
Most jobs can be completed in hours and is done at a convenient time for the customer. We can clean 500 sq ft in approximately one hour.

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Is the chemical harmful?
The chemical is non-toxic and is approved by OSHA and the USDA.

What kinds of dirt or grease will your ceiling cleaner work on?
Our cleaner will work on all types of grease and dirt.

What types of surfaces will your cleaning process work on?
Our process will clean most any surface including traditional fissure drop ceiling tile, tectum tile, glacier tile, popcorn tile, vinyl tile, tin pan, stainless steel, drywall, plaster, most painted surfaces, wallpaper, grass cloth and brick. Call for inquiries about other ceiling surfaces.

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Are there surfaces you Do Not recommend for this cleaning process?
The non-toxic cleaner we use works well on almost every ceiling and wall surface. We do not recommend its application on surfaces such as polished stainless steel, mirrored, or chromed surfaces. When used on highly polished surfaces, the cleaner has a tendency to streak.

My ceiling is very discolored especially around the vents. Should I try this?
Absolutely. ReNew chemical is formulated to break down types of contaminates found in and around vent areas. In some extreme cases, Procoat® aerosol may have to be used to mask the heavier buildup.  Request a free demo to see what Enviro Cleaning Services can do for you.

How long will I have to close my business to get the ceiling cleaned?
Jobs can be done over-night with no business interruption. Jobs can be scheduled around your business hours at night or weekends. Most jobs can be completed within 6 hours.

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Why should I clean my ceiling?
Cleaning gives a positive image to your business and makes a positive impression to customers and employees. It's cost effective, brings tile to an almost new condition, restores fire ratings, acoustic value and light reflectivity, no business interruption, no mess, attached fixtures are also cleaned.

How often should I clean my ceiling?
The frequency of cleaning depends on your business and what contaminates are present inside the building. Anywhere from once every 3 months to once every three years.

When should I restore my ceiling instead of cleaning it?
Ceiling restoration is normally done on ceilings where cleaning doesn't provide the desired results or you want to tint your ceiling a different color.

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What kinds of walls will this work on?
Our product will work on any surface including painted surfaces, drywall, plaster, grass cloth, wallpaper, brick.  Call for inquiries about other types of wall surfaces.

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Questions about Vapor Steam Cleaning

Please visit the FAQ page About Vapor Steam Cleaning  on  Find out why Vapor Steam Cleaning is a green, chemical free, and incredibly effective cleaning and sanitizing technology.



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Ceiling and Wall Cleaning